April 16, 2016/May 19, 2016

Not the metaphor
but the raw, uncovered, discovered, exposed
ankles and throat
knees, elbows and belly
breasts and buttocks
the genitals

From blood shimmering scream
to sagging gray sigh
delivered up to flames or worms
the truest tale of a life
its best kept secret

Ancient Grand-dad’s big penis at the toilet
ancient children snickering at the window
teenagers’ knowing disgust
at Grannie’s dark bathroom
choosing to no longer see
or never see
or be seen

Eyes of doctors and passers-by and lovers
on exposed naked flesh
rules and rituals for
seeing and showing
the crux of my Whitman-like thrust
all that is mine
to cover and show

A dream of twelve year old boys
their quiet fascination
at the public nakedness
I struggled to hide
humiliated not devastated
the caress of your eyes and hands
without you
 without me

The snake’s pale cold line
from breast, hip and buttocks
into the moist dark
the final metaphor

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