Seasonal Tapestry

We’ll buy exactly what we want
from choices we are told to choose,
for now’s the time to celebrate
— the season for the time to take

Our love is measured out in flash;
we know exactly what is more —
We’ll get it, that is sure,
for there’s no time for loss;
We’re on the up and up

We’re side by side with all our friends
and family that we endure;
we do our best with what we have,
but always wish for more

Our tapestry of love extends
as far as we can see, bedazzled as we are
(which isn’t very far)
across the sparkling quantity
of all that we can get

In brave inebriation we look out to compare
our checkered warmth with all the rest
where some is more and other less
until the moments when
the world becomes a tapestry
as multicolored as a cloak
a plain of fleeting harmony

Yet time wheels on undaunted,
a bleak horizon rolling close —
we’d gladly cling to what we have,
if only it was more,
if only brothers were more true
or, better yet, just disappear

The gray cloud rolling and the strife,
the panic that we’ll lose
all that we have that’s not enough
and dreams of wealth we cannot name

The tapestry transformed —
cacophony of sight and sound
before the groaning wheel of time;
a panicked throng of desperate greed
with tiny candles here and there —

The tapestry is full of holes —
the places where the greatest pain
had burned through all we’d tried to build,
sad triumphs of our choices

Each hole a portal past the cloth
into the glowing light of peace
abyss of love and perfect bliss
where there are no more choices
nothing left to buy

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