May 2, 2016/June 20, 2016

I dream of a house big enough
for all the rooms I know
a house of odors and creaking floors
familiarities and remembrances
more vivid than sight
not under the sun
yet mine by the moon

A dark tall house of memory
dark mantel with unlit fire
a room above with mirror and barre
waiting for little girls
a house with numberless floors
bannisters and creaking halls
destiny refused
under the daylight moon

Envious recognition at fourteen
when young Sartre’s Words
unveiled the gloom
of his grandfather’s library
nostalgia for all I hadn’t known

Fate lurking past every door
passages unknown before
a life’s work of exploration
once curbed by the attic wraith
now gone from the upper storey
left to the daylight moon

The search for a new house
my American dream
quest for the home of necessity
familiar in anticipation and dread
illumined in words and in wood

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