Evangelical Love

“Love your neighbour as yourself!”  This is the answer!  Here is where we can find fulfillment of our love for God.  Our love for God should be so great that it would be impossible for corrupted mortals like we are to express it in our devotions directed to Him.  But we must try, and we also must fulfill it by loving and appreciating everything He created…. Maybe even Christianity is becoming a luxury.  Those who are Christians appreciate it, and love one another and love God.  But they protect themselves from “the others”; after all, they might corrupt our children…. We must be bursting with Chrisitianity!  We must overflow with the love of God!  We must proclaim God in our every act, our every word, our every thought!  We must proclaim God to the world and to our neighbours!  We must show no prejudice, but only love for all men as equals!  The world is watching!  If you’re a Christian, prove it!

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