God Isn’t Dead

And in our century modern democratic governments go out and fight wars for freedom and justice for all!  What a lot of rubbish!  Driving innocent Vietnamese from their pitiful hovels and blowing up their villages isn’t helping them much.  Christ never ordered murder and killing, no matter how righteous a cause was.  Look back to the Bible again.  You see a humble Christ who died without a word of protest.  Christ incited no armed insurrection;  he called for no Jewish revolt.  His was the passive resistance that resulted in Christian martyrs dying in the Roman Colisseum.  God is a god of love.  The idea of a war god must die…. Let’s look at the world and the universe.  We find millions and millions of planets and stars whirling about in space — all in harmony.  We find a layer of air around the earth that is just the right density and composition for man.  Look at the plant and animal life of earth.  Everything contributes to some perfect whole.  Here is a balance man can match with no machine.  The birth, life and death of every living thing all provide some good for the whole of nature.  They all add up to the cycle, and the harmony of man’s life.  Here we find a God of concord and harmony…. To say that our world is chance, to say that protons and neutrons accidentally collided to form this balanced world and the miracle that is man, is foolish.  The force behind the universe is obvious.  No one deny it who can see all the facts.  It’s too overwhelming!

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