The Quest

My mind desires companionship.  Other minds desire companionship (they are not passively functional as a physical thing).  This desire for companionship and desire for agreement of thought suggests some spiritual reality, some common current beyond matter.  It is an inflowing, uniting current.  It is the essence of the word “humanity”.  It is a guiding spirit, an all encompassing spirit.  Some part of it may exist above the physical world entirely (God).  This I do not know.

Life comes from life.  This is obvious in all systems of the world of living things.  No being has ever been known to become.  It has come from other beings.  This strongly attests the concept of eternal life.  Individual or universal, I cannot say (as I have never died)…. The idea of love to me is this communion of life.  All life is a part of one.  That which brings the spirits of life together is love.  That which separates them is hate.  Within Christianity, the death of the God-Man idea was the flux to break the physical boundaries and permit a unity of spirits…. Prayer is valid if my basic spirit is truly involved in an attempt to commune with the Spiritual One.