Another blog!

Here are my intentions for this new blog:

  • I’m going to write about the real challenges of daily life.  They’re the challenges that sneak up on us, not presenting themselves as cosmic drama, but tremendously important in the lives of real people (and actually they’re the little local bits that those great cosmic dramas are made up of).  Sometimes what I write might be inspiring and upbeat, but it wouldn’t be honest to start out with the idea that every story needs to have a happy ending.
  • I want this to be as “conversational” as possible.  So, I’ll be writing in the first person (“I”) and addressing the second person (“you”).
  • In that spirit, I’ll be speaking from my own point of view (it’s my blog after all).  So you will get my own voice and my own writing style.  Most importantly,  don’t look for anything like journalistic balance.  I think this is consistent with that high goal of coaching — personal integrity.  If any wisdom is discovered in what I write, well that would be nice too!
  • So why am I writing a blog?  Several reasons:  if you think you might want to try life coaching with me, you can learn a bit more about your prospective coach;  it’s is a place to share stories and ideas that often don’t have a place inside individual coaching relationships;  sometimes I’ll go beyond coaching, and just use this as a place to share short bits of writing (I don’t have the patience to write a book!).

Most of all, I hope some of you enjoy what I write or find it occasionally useful or provocative.  Comments from registered users are encouraged.